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Taking Control of Your Life is an Inside Game

Merk: Kurset holdes på engelsk, så informasjon er på engelsk.

Dato: 27 og 28 Oktober, kl 10-20


MERK! Dette er et kurs for deg som har vært på et kurs I Silvametoden tidligere, dvs at det er et videregående kurs!

Our 5 goals for the weekend


Identify mental blocks

Learn to identify what holds you back from achieving your goals.


Identify your goals

Learn to identify the goals that matter the most in your life.


Reprogram your mind

Learn how you can remain calm during stressful periods.


Be a practitioner

Learn how you can implement our methods in your daily life.


Manifest results

Learn the steps towards manifesting your goals.

Mastering your mind is a fundamental element to facilitate healing and to live a fulfilling life. 

Many Silva graduates have good intentions but just can’t seem to overcome the negative thought patterns that overtake them and hold them back. They then either slip into the old familiar patterns and/or don’t even attempt to apply the tools they’ve developed.

I’ve spent decades of time thinking and speaking about mastering the mind, especially within the Silva worldwide community. 

People have negative recurring thoughts and feelings in their life because they are giving the negative thoughts more attention than positive ones. In other words, the relative weight that they give those repetitive thoughts is quite high. 

The downside of this is clear: if you keep obsessing about negative things, your mind will be conditioned to bring them up automatically. 

The reality is that unless you apply consistent attention and practice what you know, the old patterns repeat and you slip backward.

But there is a bright side. We can use this same rule and apply it to our positive thoughts. Focus on positive thoughts over a period of time, and they get sealed in the brain. After you’ve given relative weight to these thoughts, the brain says, “that’s easy,” and automatically thinks about those positive things. 

We are so much more likely to heal, progress and gain momentum when we gift ourselves with the necessary support. 

I have, after decades of research and experience with hundreds of thousands of Silva graduates synthesized age-old wisdom with the Silva Method, neuropsychology and crafted a System. 

It’s called the Silva Life Mastery System and it’s held over 2 days once a year. Mastery is designed for Silva graduates only because it builds on the foundation of the Basic Lecture Series – Silva Life & Intuition System.

Admittedly, it’s not for everyone. The Mastery program is ideal for graduates who want to better integrate Silva into their lives as a practitioner. Graduates who know it works and wants to know HOW TO MAKE IT WORK BETTER.

I just released a video to help you. You can watch this short video to help you evaluate if Mastery is a good fit for you.

Practical information


27th and 28th October


10:00 – 20:00 both days


Smarthotel (St. Olavs Gate 26)

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